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Amazing Trippy Pictures to brighten up your screen and give you something interesting to look at. On this site I explain in easy to follow step by step instructions how to determine the size of your desktop area, how to change the resolution of your desktop and how to replace your desktop background with something more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Trippy Picture
Trippy Fractal Picture
Trippy Scenery Picture
Trippy Spheres Picture

When you are happy with how to change your desktop wallpaper you can browse some of my favorite wallpaper sites. Most wallpaper sites offer lots of free wallpapers to choose from. Head on over to my wallpaper links page to check out the amazing sites. Please remember that images on websites are often copyrighted and are not free to use on your own website. Always ask permission first.

I hope this site will help you discover the amazing art that is available on the Internet today.

More trippy pictures can be found at

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